Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Find: Woman Accused of Stealing Penis

Great Sphinx Great Find
So, I stumbled upon this totally strange, but true article today at the Daily Trust and had to share it because it is just so strange:
Woman Accused of Genital Theft
Written by Hassan Idris

In a dramatic twist of sex scandal, a middle aged man who accused his sex partner of stealing his genital has now turned into an accused after the accused lady was forced by the police, on recommendation of a herbalist into another intercourse, in a bid to restore his manhood in Bassan Jiwa, Airport Village, Abuja.

An Abuja-based beer palour owner called Grace Igbian has been accused by her lover Kingsley Ulame of ‘stealing’ his sexual organ. They had been dating for an exteded period of time and they last stayed and slept together for 29 days before he travelled home to see his family in Benin, Edo State. But instead of enjoying his stay with his family, Ulame said he started having problems with his organ. He noticed that he could not have an erection. According to him, his organ stopped functioning and he was frightened that it may result to impotence.

He said at a point, he contemplated committing suicide but later decided to seek spiritual intervention. He consulted a lot of pastors to help him out of the predicament. After that failed, he started searching for orthodox and traditional medicines but there was no solution to what he described as his shrunken manhood.

After his efforts bore no fruit, Ulame said he became suspicious of Igbian whom he had intercourse with before travelling, so he decided to call and intimate her of his predicament. "She responded by saying, it was probably because of stress which I was suffering. She subsequently advised me to relax so that I can be okay. After some time, I was still not feeling better from the orthodox, traditional and spiritual solutions," Ulame said.

Igbian confessed to making love with him for 29 days before he travelled home. She also described Ulame as a caring person. But she denied stealing his manhood and to buttress her ignorance, Igbian swore an oath before Weekly Trust. She said she was innocent of the charges levelled against her.

But Ulame insisted that Igbian had at a point threatened him that he will never regain use of his organ unless he has intercourse with her again.

Ulame returned to Abuja, only to find Igbian had moved out of his room and rented another room in a neighbouring house. "When I came back, she had taken my property to her house and then took all my belongings to her room," he said.

Ulame loudly accused her of stealing his manhood and started demanding for it and called his friends and brothers who pleaded with her to return. He resorted to beating her, eventually wounding her.

Igbian was infuriated by the beating she got from her ex-lover and she walked straight to the police station and reported him.

According to her, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Airport Division, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Peter Thazilza invited a herbalist called Haifa, a Fulani woman who thereafter claimed that Igbian had indeed stolen Ulame’s organ. Subsequently, Igbian said she was forced to have sex with Ulame by the DPO in his office, because they wanted the man to ‘regain his manhood’. In an effort to realise whether she was the person who stole the man’s organ, she said the DPO promised to bring another woman to his office so that Ulame will ‘test’ his organ.

ASP Thazilza confirmed to Weekly Trust that the sex scandal happened in Bassan Jiwa, recently. According to him, one day, he heard a crowd of people shouting and fighting and I found out that some young men were beating Igbian, alleging that she has stolen her boyfriend’s organ. So I decided to intervene," he said.

He further said, "I got to know that Igbian has reported the case to the station and what I wanted to do was to help them resolve the issue amicably." He, however, dismissed the allegation made with Igbian that she was forced to have intercourse to Ulame in the DPO’s office, saying he is "a curator of morality" with community security service and he will never ask somebody to have sex in his office.

"It is true that one woman herbalist was called to the station and she indicted the accused as the person who stole the man’s organ. The herbalist said the accused lady used a mirror to take the man’s organ away from him. However, in the laws of the land there is no provision for witchcraft and mysterious stealing of genitals. If such things happen, we normally forward the matter to the court. But in this case, I settled them out of the station to give peace a chance", he said.

But for Igbian, the allegation of stealing a man’s organ mysteriously has tarnished her image in the community to the extent that she has been threatened with ejection by the landlord of her house and her shop.


You wanna know my opinion, guys?

1.) I can't believe this article was written with the understanding that it's "okay" to be forced to have sex in the middle of an DPO office. Wait, what? The aromatherapist or whatever she is said that woman stole the guy's johnson, so she was forced to have sex with him in the DPO office? In what way does raping a woman ever prove whether or not she is a witch/sorceress/practicer of the evil eye? "Here guys, why don't we just put the poor woman up on a wooden stake and burn her - that worked for those dudes in Salem."

2.) And great, this is yet another excuse that the pharmaceutical companies can use to sell stuff to alleviate erectile dysfunction. "Do you think a witch has cast a spell on your cock? Take this blue pill and rape her so you can feel better."

3.) If he would have come to MY house accusing me of stealing his manhood or whatever, I would have given him a swift kick in the balls to remind him where his manhood was actually situated.

Where's Lorena when you need her?

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At October 15, 2007 at 9:08 PM , Anonymous Mark said...

Ha ha, well, superstitions certainly vary from culture-to-culture. Wow, it's almost uncomfortable to think about...but facinating. Thanks for the find!

At October 17, 2007 at 9:10 AM , Anonymous Shawnna said...

Oh Dear Goddess, what is the world coming to when nonsense of this variety is allowed to happen?? All I can say is that the woman needs to move to the US where rape is trackable and punishable by law, not encouraged by the cops! I'm going to post this in a myspace bulletin so others can sympathize for this poor poor woman! I am convinced that projection works, and if enough people read this, then perhaps the man will NEVER regain use of his member--and fulfill his promise to kill himself....wait a sec: how in the world would an impotent man rape a woman anyway? He's a liar who just wanted one last piece of that poor woman after she split. Please join me in my prayer to the higher powers to permanently cripple his manhood so he can't keep raping women!!


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